Halal – Overwhelming God

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I had the most overwhelming experience last night as my daughter led worship for our Truth Group. Truth Group is our bi-monthly Bible Study – I love these ladies.

My daughter shared her heart and I got to witness an inner love for Jesus poured out for all to see. Then she shared about a word that means so much to her – Halal! It means praise God out of the inner most passion you have for Him. She taught us how to Halal and we ended up in a full-blown party – celebrating our awesome Father God.

I am honored God allowed me to be a part of this awesome night.  

I am confident God will complete the GOOD work he has begun in my girl!

Thank you Mabel Chang for teacher Spencer guitar, IHOP Awakening Teen Music Camp for growing her up in worship – allowing her to play and sing on the teen team and to Amy Niles for growing her confidence in singing and every other way. I am so blessed to have you mentor my daughter in ways that only one day we will see the full fruition of God’s work through these people and experiences. 

How have you seen God reveal His work in your children?


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