Shut It Down, Don’t Tolerate

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Since July of 2010, my family has had zero tolerance for sickness. That means if we sneeze, we rebuke it in the name of Jesus. If we have allergies, we rebuke them in the name of Jesus. If we have pain, we pray over it immediately. We don’t just sit down and tolerate it. We war over it. We join together. We turn everything in our house from whatever we were doing to praying the Bible, praying messages of healing and testimonies of hope, stories of God’s children being redeemed and restored. 

We stop and pray over one another throughout the day. We constantly have our ears open and our hearts going, and we listen for discouragement. Even when we are away from each other, we are praying for each other. All day, we pray in the Spirit over each other. We don’t stop. We don’t cease.

However, the person who is fighting or warring can sometimes take ownership of the illness that has come at them, taking it on as part of their identity. They can begin to tolerate it bit by bit. Instead of seeking help right away, they’ll say, “Oh, it’s only a sniffle. I just need to blow my nose. It’s not that big of a deal.” We need to realize sickness is always the beginning of death. You shouldn’t tolerate it for a second.

Way back in 2016, I sustained a neck injury by being super-silly. No alcohol was involved. It was my daughter’s birthday, and our family was over. I guess I liked the spotlight. I like to dance and have fun. I simply enjoy living. So, I walked on my hands, and I did the worm or the centipede. I did handstands against the wall. Well, I fell out of a handstand and onto my head and injured my C-1 and C-2 vertebrae. I had crammed my cranial arteries up into my skull, which messed up my blood flow. It made me want to pass out. I felt horrible. Oh my goodness! I couldn’t lift my head without blacking out.

I stayed in bed until two. During that time, I couldn’t do anything about my condition. I was simply weak. I wept, unable to war. My family began to war over me. As I lay there, fear began to creep in. Thoughts of, “What if I can’t walk? What if I’m not okay? What if this doesn’t stop? What if…?” filled my mind and kept me from focusing on what kind of glory God was going to get when my miracle happened and everyone saw how He worked it out this time.

He had worked it out before for me. He will work it out again. He is the God who gives good and perfect gifts. He cares for me. He loves me. He is not against me. He is for me. This might be a weapon that was formed against me, but it couldn’t prosper. Instead of rebuking all the symptoms and words against me, I was agreeing with them. I wasn’t agreeing with the truth. I was agreeing with those words against me. I began tolerating it. The more you tolerate something, the more it sets into who you are.

I had to come to a point where I drew a line in the sand and decided, “I’m not going to bed until I have this turned around.” Fear is not from God. He says in the Bible, over 365 times, “Do not fear.” Yet I was in fear. So I decided, “God, I am going to surrender everything no matter what it takes.” 

I began repenting and surrendering and truly confessing everything I was struggling with. I had not been sleeping well, and I spent the night in about eight hundred positions. I was up a million times in the middle of the night. But every time I felt any symptom whatsoever, I simply said, “No. In the name of Jesus, I cut you off.” And every time, it left immediately because I have been given authority over my body and I began to use it. Because of that, I put my foot down and stopped tolerating this weapon that had been formed against me. 

You have to decide early on, if there is a weapon formed against you, whether you are going to tolerate it or not. Some people will think this is so stupid because it’s not that big of a deal, but it is a big deal. Every weapon has the opportunity for fatality. I’m not finished with my work on this earth, and I know I am not. So in Jesus’ name, I can stand on God’s promises He has for me and not tolerate something, not the slightest bit.

Check your own life and see if you are tolerating any weapons that have held you up. Are you tolerating any mental what-ifs that have kept you from moving forward? Shut them down today and stop tolerating them, in Jesus’ name. 

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