Pray without ceasing

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Our tree was blooming this year. It had this pink, beautiful—we used to call it propellers when I was a kid but they were seeds, pink propeller seeds. They were everywhere. I’ve never seen this tree produce pink ones before, so that was unusual. I wasn’t actually sure what they were until they started to fall off the tree. When they started to fall off, I realized—oh my goodness, these are those brown propeller seeds!

I’ve just been thinking about that for a long time. That the tree produced a thousand seeds. Four thousand new trees—the wind blew them around. As of today, I have about 25 new trees growing in my yard. And I was thinking, you know what we’ll do with those trees—because they’re not beautiful, they’re not placed in the right spot—is we will pull them up, mow over them or something. But at the end of the day, that tree that produced a thousand seeds, not a single one of those trees will actually grow into a tree.

This year, for some reason, it just broke my heart. I just thought why would God make a plant reproduce itself and produce so many seeds if he didn’t want to see those seeds come to life and come to fruition and come to a full maturity and a full harvest.
And I just thought about we’ve become a nation in America that we care more about beauty than we do creation. We care more about the right placement of the tree rather than the tree. The tree is the very thing that gives us life. It gives us oxygen and we don’t let them reproduce, are we actually causing a bigger problem later down the road? Something we can’t even imagine at this time? Nor would we want to?

I’m wondering in what way are we stifling what God wants to do on this earth because the way that it happens naturally isn’t okay. We gotta realign it and make it better. What in your life have you stopped God’s creation or God’s work in you? What have you done out of your own flesh that has caused God’s creation to cease in your life?

Every waking moment is to be lived in an awareness that God is with us and that He is actively involved and engaged in our thoughts and actions. 

Unfortunately, many believers hold their “spiritual breath” for long periods, thinking brief moments with God are sufficient to allow them to survive. But such restricting of their spiritual intake is caused by sinful desires. The fact is that every believer must be continually in the presence of God, constantly breathing in His truths, to be fully functional.

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