Gripped in Fear

Have you ever been gripped with fear? Maybe you have face the fear of death, or you have no idea how you will pay next month’s bills, or you are afraid for your safety.

Whatever it is, fear is NOT from God! His love drives out fear.

Below is a testimony of a 6 year old who battled with fear for many, many days. It was a constant battle – 24 hours a day 7 days a week – for 38 days!

Here is her account. She asked me to share it with others who struggle with fear. This is to you from a darling little girl that wants to encourage you to fight the good fight of faith!

How has this testimony impacted your life?

7 thoughts on “Gripped in Fear

  1. How Awesome this is to see a child just say” he just flicked it off and didn't even have time to pack his things”!! What an amazing testimony. Making a choice to choose life…WOW! I'm amazed at 6 she already understands the POWER!!! Thanks Kennedi for inspiring us:)


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