God Loves YOU!

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Ever had thoughts like this: What am I doing? Did God really call me? I feel discouraged, insecure, ashamed and unworthy?
I have.
In fact…
Those were my thoughts.
I am just like you. I have baggage. I have pain. I feel rejection. I feel discouraged. I lose heart and expectation of God.
Even though we may feel this way, feelings are not true. The Truth is what God thinks about us! The most humble thing we can do is actually agree with God!
It is very hard to agree with what God thinks about you.
I mean, hello, you know your flaws better than anyone. You know your own thoughts – when no one else does.
Because of this, it’s hard to agree with God. But, not agreeing with God is actually pride.
I said it.
You are elevating YOUR opinion above God’s opinion.
I guess I needed a reminder of God’s opinion of me because –
Then, I heard THIS song – live. It overwhelmingly encouraged me!
I soft sobbed.
With real tears. [I don’t usually do that.]
It encouraged me so much,
I came home and began my frantic search for this song!
AH! I found it!
If you are not encouraged from this, you must be dead.
What is holding you back today? Oh how Father loves YOU!

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