Why Believe?

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A friend of mine sent me a poem she wrote. It’s so beautiful and powerful that I wanted to post it to share with you.

Why Believe?
By Andrea Pflughoft

My needy heart was cracked open by pain-
Abuse, betrayal, abandonment, deception, sorrow.
Did time heal these wounds?
No. Decades passed.
What about alcohol, men, food, success, things?
No. I tried.

Repeatedly, I felt wooed to a safe place
My heart was drawn to possibility
Stirred with something good & pure
Unseen, but not unreal.
Unknown, but not unimaginable.

A mystery, yet I’m certain this was the way.
I surrendered.

Today, I keep surrendering.
Burdens drop from my back
Darkness bows to glorious light
Tears transform to bubbling joy
Despair morphs to boundless hope
Torment cowers to mental security

Good News indeed!
I forgive, I laugh, I trust, and I love again.
That is why I believe.

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