Waiting on the Perfect Time

Waiting can be tough, there’s no doubt about that. Whether we’re waiting for a job, a spouse, a child, a breakthrough, or an answered prayer, it can feel like time is dragging on and on. We may start to question why things are taking so long or wonder what the outcome will be. But, the truth is, God’s timing is perfect and He always knows what’s best for us.

Waiting on God’s perfect timing is so important because it builds our trust in Him. When we wait on His timing, it allows us to trust in His plan for our lives, even when we don’t understand it. It reminds us that He is lord and that He knows what is best for us. We can take comfort in knowing that He is always in control and that He will come through for us in His own time.

Waiting can be difficult, but it helps us to learn to lean on God and to trust in His promise. It can also be a time of growth, both spiritually and emotionally. It can be a time to learn and to become stronger in our faith, as we rely on Him for strength and wisdom. It reminds us that we are not in charge, but that He is and that ultimately He will make things happen in the way He wants.

Additionally, waiting on God’s perfect timing helps us to become more like Christ. The bible said that Jesus, himself, waited on God’s timing. He waited for 30 years before beginning his public ministry and during his public ministry, he taught the virtues of patience and trust in God’s plan. In waiting, we can learn to imitate Jesus’ example of surrendering our own plans and trusting in God’s timing.

It’s important to know that waiting doesn’t mean being passive or inactive. It’s about actively seeking God and His will for our lives, and trusting that He is working everything out for our good. Even in the waiting period, He is at work, shaping our hearts, and preparing us for what is to come.

So, let’s remember that while we may not understand why things are taking so long or what the outcome will be, we can trust that God’s timing is perfect. Let’s lean on God, trust in His plan, and wait on His perfect timing, knowing that He will come through for us in His own time.

I had fainted, unless I had believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.
Psalm 27:13-14

Pray for your husbands

As wives, we all want the best for our husbands, and that includes their health. But, sometimes our husbands can be stubborn when it comes to taking care of themselves, and we can feel helpless in the face of their illnesses. That’s why I want to share with you the power of prayer when it comes to your husband’s health.

Prayer is an incredibly powerful tool, and when we pray for our husband’s health, we are not only asking God to heal them, but we are also aligning our hearts and minds with His will for their life.

Here are a few tips on how to pray for your husband’s health:

  • Pray specifically: Instead of just asking God to bless your husband’s health, pray specifically for the areas where you know they need healing or improvement.
  • Pray daily: Make it a habit to pray for your husband’s health every day. It doesn’t have to be a long prayer, just a simple, heartfelt one.
  • Pray with gratitude: Give thanks for the blessings and progress you see, even small ones. It will help you to see the bigger picture and be more positive.
  • Pray with faith: Believe that God can and will heal your husband, even if the situation seems hopeless. Have faith that God is at work, even if we can’t see it.
  • Pray with your husband: Encourage your husband to join you in prayer for his health. Praying together is a powerful way to strengthen your relationship and to align your hearts and minds with God’s will.
  • Pray in community: Seek out other Christian women who can join you in prayer for your husband’s health. The power of prayer is multiplied when it’s done in community.
  • Pray in obedience: Sometimes God might ask us to do things that we may not understand or agree with, but it’s important to trust in His plan and obey. Pray for the strength to follow God’s guidance and to trust in His timing.

Remember, prayer is not just asking God for something, but it’s a conversation and a relationship with Him. It’s about surrendering our worries and our fears to God and trusting in His plan for our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

Keep in mind that healing and recovery can take different forms. It’s not always just about physical healing. Healing can also happen in the form of emotional and mental healing. It can also be spiritual growth. So let’s pray for complete healing for our husbands, in all aspects of their lives.

“And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise them up. If they have sinned, they will be forgiven.” James 5:15

So let’s continue to pray for our husband’s health, with faith, gratitude, and obedience, and trust in God’s plan for their lives.

God bless, and happy praying!

Perspective and Little Annoyances

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I don’t know about you, but I can get upset at the dumbest things.

There was a time I was driving home from the gym and saw an emergency vehicle swashing near my home, and for a moment, I would stop and think, “Lord, I hope my husband’s not in that accident.”

We are so foolish when the only thing we have in front of our eyes is temporal crap. We are so full of it. We can get so frustrated over the dishes or running water. But yet, in a blink of an eye, our loved one may not be present to run the water, leave dishes in the sink, smack our ear, or hug us. We take it for granted that they are going to be there tomorrow, the next day, and the next day. We can be so mad over the dumbest things.

For example, with my husband, I get frustrated because he is defensive. If I talk to him about anything, he automatically defends himself instead of pausing and processing what I say and then talking back to me and giving me a logical statement. I can become so frustrated—but then I am not carrying the love of God. I know the minute I see an emergency vehicle and pray to God it’s not him, the defensiveness does not even matter. I clearly love the man.

If I could keep in mind the eternal perspective that life is short—it’s merely a breath—can you imagine how differently I would respond? How would I respond differently today?

I would like to challenge you today to live with this in mind: What if your loved one, your spouse, or your friend were gone tomorrow in a blink? Is there anything you would do differently? Is there anything you have said but would take back? Is there anything you’d like to stop nitpicking about? Is there any little thing in which you use your words to tear someone down but would turn around and build them up instead? Is there someone you would hug more today? Someone you would call and tell them you love them? Don’t hesitate—do it.

The next time you are frustrated about something small, pause and picture in your mind an ambulance picking them up off the ground, and then see if you want to say something about it.


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Lord, help me in my anger not to sin.

Help me to think on things that are pure, lovely, and of a good report.
God, I know that a man who controls his anger is mightier than one who takes a city.
God, my frustrations are many and my fuse short.
Give me patience and wisdom, Lord.
Wisdom is worth more to me than anything else.
God, I will search for it as gold and seek it like rubies.
Lord, let me not be an angry man or partake in his ways.
Give me wisdom!
Give me love!
Take my anger far from me and give me
A pure heart!

Give me a new mind.
Help me renew my heart and mind.
Let me think on You.
Help me meditate on Your Word day and night.
Hide Your Word in my heart that I might not sin against You.
Bless me, Lord, with a pure heart,
One of flesh and not stone.
Give me compassion for frustration, grace for violence, humility for pride.
Lord, remove my anger far from me and fill its place with Your love.

• Authored by Josh Pugh •

Better a Neighbor Nearby

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I’m a mom of three. I enjoy watching my children participate in their activities.I frequent dance and vocal recitals, as well as music and worship nights. I do have a sense of pride and joy in my heart when I see them express their love for God through their gifts. When I watch Jaden Stanley lead worship, I feel the same way. When I see a friend’s kid dance and lead across the stage with joy in her heart—and I know her heart—I feel the same way. Yet I know so many mothers who do not have the same kind of love for anyone else’s kids or grandkids that they have for their own. I don’t understand it.

I think that having the same love for other people that you have for your own natural-born children is the spirit of adoption. How can you not celebrate every life? God does. I think sometimes we elevate the bloodline family so much that we miss the bloodline of Jesus’ family. We don’t step into the roles we need to because there might be a missing link. We don’t step into the roles where we truly love each other.

John 13:35 says, “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another” (NIV). The world will know we belong to Christ by the way we love each other in the body of Christ—not by the way we love our own family, strangers, or lost people. It’s not by the way we serve the homeless. They will know us by the way we take care of the body of Christ.

My kids have been without a grandma for many years. One year, a friend’s mom stepped in and blessed them with the voice of a grandma in their life. She met once a week with a little group of girls just to pour the Word into them. It was so precious. I loved her so much for doing that. I have also had an aunt step in who never forgets a birthday. She always remembers them. They feel dearly loved by her. Sometimes I have so many friends who could step in, and I ask the Lord why someone hasn’t. Why hasn’t someone nearby stepped in?

“Do not forsake your friend or a friend of your family, and do not go to your relative’s house when disaster strikes you—better a neighbor nearby than a relative far away,” says Proverbs 27:10 (NIV). I believe our family is supposed to be nearby, but it’s the family of God that fills those shoes while our family is away. When our family is together, we can take on the roles we were naturally born into. When we are far apart, it seems we should fill those places with spiritual roles. I should be a spiritual mother to somebody when his or her natural mother is not present. Someone should be a spiritual grandmother to my children because their natural grandmother is not present.

I think life is too busy. We’re too busy. It’s too easy to travel and fill those roles on a periodic basis rather than filling them where you are. I went through a season where I really grieved that loss for my family. It has made me realize that if something ever happened to me, I would pray to God that someone would fill that spiritual role of mother in my kids’ lives.

I wonder today if you have in your heart that love—that spirit of adoption—you need to give away to someone. Do you need to step into a spiritual family role and be a love bug to someone in your life?

When I was a little girl, I had a home with a mom and a stepdad, but I went to church all by myself for years. I went alone from the time I was ten until I was seventeen. I wonder why no one ever really adopted me and had the spirit of adoption to bring me into her family. Why didn’t anyone ever pick me up and take me to dinner or get me off of the church bus and start inviting me over for lunch? Why didn’t anyone start investing in me and teaching me the Word of God? The only conclusion I can draw is that the people there didn’t have the love in their hearts to give away.

That is why we don’t step into a role where we may be needed. We don’t have the love in our hearts, or we don’t have the time. The enemy will do anything to keep us too busy to demonstrate the love Christ put in us and show the world, “Hey, look how the people in the family of God take care of one another. Isn’t it awesome how this family cares for these children?”

As long as the enemy can keep us busy—too busy to love—the love of God will not be on display. It’s easy to love your own family, but it’s hard to find time to love others. I encourage you to look around in your life and see how you can truly love others today.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, friends and fellow believers!

As we say goodbye to the old year and welcome in the new, it’s natural to feel a sense of excitement and anticipation. The new year is a fresh start. It’s a chance to leave behind the challenges and struggles of the past and look ahead to new opportunities and possibilities.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I personally believe we don’t have to wait for the new year, but for many Christians, this holiday is also a time to focus on spiritual growth and renewal. It can start with setting specific goals, such as reading the Bible more regularly or attending church more frequently. It can also be taking time to reflect on the past year and consider ways in which we can grow closer to God in the year ahead.

The new year is also a great time to consider ways in which we can make a positive impact on our communities and the world at large. We are called to love and serve others, and many sees the new year as a great opportunity to renew our commitment to this important aspect of our faith.

As you celebrate the New Year, we pray that you will experience the joy and peace that comes from knowing and following Jesus. May this new year be filled with blessings and growth as you seek to follow him more closely. And may you experience the peace and blessings that come from trusting in God and relying on his strength and guidance. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2021!

New Year, New Resolutions?

As the end of the year approaches, many people start to think about the changes they want to make in their lives and the goals they want to accomplish in the coming year. It’s common for people to make New Year’s resolutions, with the idea that the start of a new year is a fresh start and the perfect time to make positive changes.

But! As Christians, we should be careful not to wait until the new year to make resolutions or set goals. Instead, we should be continually striving to grow in our faith and become more like Jesus every day.

Romans 12:2 tells us that we are to be “transformed by the renewing of our minds.” This transformation is not something that happens overnight! This doesn’t happen just because a new year has begun. It’s a ongoing process that requires daily effort and commitment.

So, rather than waiting for the new year to make resolutions, consider setting goals and making positive changes in your life today. Seek guidance from God and His Word, and ask for His help in making the changes you want to see in your life. Remember, every day is a new opportunity to grow closer to Him and become more like Jesus.

A Fresh Start


“This new year had better be better than last year!” “Maybe this is the year the molestation will stop.” “Maybe this year I will have true friends.” “Maybe this year I won’t screw up my life AGAIN.” “Maybe this year I won’t be such a failure.” “Maybe this year no one I love will die.” “Maybe… just maybe this will be my year…”

These were just some of my new year’s thoughts as a young child and a young adult.

The new year was a FRESH start, a new hope—a new beginning to this life that I so frequently messed up or regretted.

I anxiously anticipated “ringing in” the new year! I celebrated at midnight with great relief that the past year was FINALLY OVER.

Today… I read on Facebook about all the great plans people have and their anticipation for the new year, but I don’t seem to care. I don’t care that it’s New Year’s Eve. I don’t care that it’s a new year.

I am asking: Why?

Since I truly fell in love with Jesus Christ, every day… every minute… every breathe is a new day, a new year, a new start, a new beginning in Him!

I don’t need a new calendar year to begin again. I’m not in bondage to man’s timing. I don’t need a party to start over.

ALL I need is the Truth that sets me free! Jesus!

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free!  John 8:32

So… when you feel crushed, when someone you love dies, when you fail, when you hurt someone, you can CHOOSE life. Embrace a new beginning every day! Choose a new start in the love of Jesus!

Sing Your Way into Truth

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Some people think that because you, as a Christ follower, refuse to live out of your trials or base your identity on your trials, you may not believe you will face trials and suffering—but this is just not true.

It’s simply a different view that, while in the middle of trials and suffering, your mind and heart continue to focus on God. You don’t surrender to the desire to drop your head and pity yourself. Sure, sometimes you feel like it, but you choose to rise above your feelings because you know your God is so worthy of you. You choose to believe His truth more than you believe what your heart feels.

God is unmoved by our circumstances. They are merely shifting winds to Him. He is steady and able in all things, not just some things. He is our Rock, our Provider, our All in all. There is nothing we lack in Him, even when we feel lacking. We lack no good thing in Jesus!

The reason I love “You Satisfy My Soul” by Laura Hackett so much is because of this line:

“Sometimes, you gotta sing your way into the truth!”

Powerful words!

It’s easy to receive and embrace your trials and suffering, but when you really think about it, you are making it about you—you are still glorifying yourself. But when you glorify God, He gets it all. He is magnified. He is the One who is worthy of everything—our attention, our songs, our joy, our everything.

Sometimes—though it’s so, so difficult—we have to choose to sing our way into the truth!

Reach for truth. Make it your mantle. Make your afflictions last on your list of concerns compared to the awesomeness and glory of our God. “Let God be true but every man a liar”—including yourself (Romans 3:4 NKJV).

So sing your way into the truth. Sing it!

Put CHRIST back in Christmas

I got a magazine in the mail that said, “Visit Kansas City.” It’s near my hometown, so I flipped it over to see what was going on.

Nothing. There is certainly no “Christ” in Christmas. It said, “Season of Magic—Winter Calendar.”

Whew. I got angry!

Christmas was originally a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God who was sent to Earth to save humanity. It was a time for Christians to come together and give thanks for this gift of love and redemption. However, as Christmas has become more commercialized over the years, the focus has shifted away from the birth of Jesus and towards consumerism and gift-giving.

I don’t know about you, but I am sick of it! I want CHRISTmas, not holiday or season of magic! I want people to know Jesus and allow them to be awakened like never before.

It is easy to get caught up in the pressure to buy the perfect present or to have the most elaborate holiday decorations, but it is important to remember that the true meaning of Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus and the love and hope that he brings into the world.

Let’s make an effort to put Christ back at the center of our Christmas celebrations. Remember the true purpose of this special holiday and experience the joy and hope that it brings.

May your holiday season be filled with love, hope, and the celebration of the birth of Jesus.