Do you feel apathetic, aimless, uninspired, or discouraged about the daily activities of your life? Would you like to find renewed passion, purpose, and ambition? Sometimes our dreams get deeply buried because of fear, failure, comfort, or outside influences, and we ignore God’s unique design for our lives. Stuck is about uncovering those dusty dreams and reigniting your imagination for the purposes God created you to pursue. You just might find that as you reach inside yourself to retrieve the buried dreams God has placed there, you wind up reaching into our hurting world with God’s love along the way. God’s dreams for us are not only the solution to our apathy, but the solution to the hurts of this world. Stuck helps you identify, ignite, and execute the dreams in your heart – one step at a time.

Sheri Yates. Wife to Ty. Mom to three girls. Candy and soda lover. Mentor. Speaker. Teacher. Friend. Shares openly about how she overcame a long-term identity crisis from years of sexual abuse. SOAR Bible study co-author @ Author of Stuck–Release Your Passion to Pursue Your God-Given Dreams. Passionate about living each moment in the freedom Christ paid for. Homeschooling mama. Her family authored Truth or Trash™ game and iPhone app for families to learn how to discern between God’s truth and everything else. Sheri’s family founded and Avodah, a worship and prayer room in Oklahoma. Big dreamer. Encourager. Bible reader. Sold-out follower of Jesus Christ.