Are You in a Battle?

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Are you in a battle for your health, your life, your encouragement, or your positivity today? Don’t sit around and wait until you have no doubts. You have to choose to believe God’s word. It’s a daily choice. You are never going to live this life without any doubts at all until you are in heaven.

We battle. We battle our minds. We battle our flesh. That is why the Lord tells us to take every thought captive and make it obedient to Him. That’s why we are supposed to be a living sacrifice. Sacrifice that is living continually wants to walk, get up, and move up to the altar and take up its own agenda.

We have a battle. There is a raging battle between the flesh and the spirit all the time. To assume you are not going to have any doubts is just deceiving yourself. It’s okay. Just choose to believe God’s word. Put the doubts down. Take the thought captive. Refuse to dwell on them; think about them, but focus more on God’s promises than on your doubts.

You are not being a hypocrite when you choose to believe God’s word when you are in the middle of a struggle. You are actually deciding who you really are. “Am I really this person in the flesh who is in the middle of a battle between my doubts and my faith, or am I who God says I am?” Do you think the real you is your natural mind—your carnal mind? Or do you believe your spirit man is your true self? You must decide who your true self is and begin to live it.

I know the flesh is powerful. It feels like the real you. The doubts are the real you. But the Bible says you become a new creation. You are born again. You’re now a child of God, an alien in this world. You have crossed over out of death and into life. Who is the real you? You have to decide: “This is the real me.”

“The new you on the inside is perfect and has the mind of Christ,” says 1 Corinthians 2:16. Colossians 3:10 says we have been renewed in the knowledge and the image that created us. 1 John 2:1 says we know all things. It’s not talking about what’s in our mind. It’s talking about what’s in your spirit. We are just too carnal. Instead of tapping into God’s power and unlimited knowledge, we believe we are limited by what we know and our knowledge.We limit God’s ability to work in our lives and our ability to agree with Him when we agree with our thoughts, our own understanding.

The new you on the inside is righteous, holy, and pure. If you believe the real you has been truly born again, is a new creation, and you are who God says you are, then you are a hypocrite for agreeing with your fleshly doubts. If you consider being a hypocrite as speaking the word of God and believing you are the righteousness of Christ, then you think the real you is the emotional, physical you and not the spiritual one that has been born again.

It’s time to find out who you are in Christ and change your identity—to have that identity of who you are in Him. Be more true than what you look like, what you feel like, what your emotions say, what has happened to you, and the circumstances around you, so you would truly know who God says you are and agree with that more than anything else. It would be greater and larger than anything that comes against you. You would not be faithless in challenges if you would simply believe God.

Need Healing?

The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit. 
(Proverbs 18:21 NIV)

Our words are powerful. What would make us think otherwise? God Himself created the heavens and the earth with His words.

As Proverbs says, we have two choices with our words: life or death. That’s it. We are either agreeing with God and His Word or we are not. There is no in-between.

What are your words currently lining up with: life or death?

Seriously, evaluate your words right now. Do you speak life or death to your family? Your parents? Your siblings? Your spouse? Your children? Your boss? Your pastor? Your neighbors? Your friends? Yourself?

Recently my husband pointed out to me that my words about myself were not filled with life. I was actually shocked because I thought I chose my words carefully. But then I started listening to myself and realized that I would say silly things like, “Oh, I look terrible this morning.” It’s simple and maybe even factual, but it is not speaking life over myself.

So I started keeping a tighter rein on my words because I know that out of your mouth your heart speaks (see Luke 6:45). I thought, “Okay, God, what’s wrong in my heart? What am I not understanding fully? In what ways am I not trusting You? Why have my words become so malign?”

Knowing who you are in Jesus is a daily journey. It requires daily—sometimes moment by moment—reminders that this is not my home and I am a daughter of the King, adopted, chosen, wholly loved, accepted, safe, and never alone. I was created by the Potter, and I am His masterpiece. When I undervalue myself, I am really criticizing the artist. Ouch!

Our words impact not only us but also others around us. The way we choose to build ourselves and others up will be directly seen in the fruit.

This makes me think about how we see sickness and disease and battle illness or resist the enemy. Do we agree with God and speak only life, or do our words show that we agree with the enemy or the battle? I do not want my words to be destructive in any area of my life. My God is too worthy! Isn’t He?!

If you are in a battle for your life, I want to give you this free resource of healing words you can listen to so you will begin speaking life over yourself.

Your words will be either life-filled or death-filled. You get to choose. Will you be a bringer of life?