My Fear

Lord, I’m so frightened.
I’m ready to start. 
I will follow You. 
Step 1: Be still; know I’m God. 
Believe and learn this in your soul. 
Hide this verse in your heart; put it deep within your soul.
Step 2: Realize our battle is not with flesh and blood but powers, demons, principalities, and the evil one.
Step 3: Speak with authority.
The same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives and dwells in you.
There is power in the name of Jesus to break every chain.
Do not fear war or rejection. Your God is with you and will never forsake you.
You are a child of God, and He loves you.
You can do all things through Christ.
If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to a mountain Jump, and it will jump.
Your faith is more than a mustard seed.
You are surrounded by the love of Christ.
You are a king and priest unto God.
He doesn’t care where you’ve been; He just cares where you’re going.
If you doubt this, don’t.

While we were sinners, Christ died for us.
Our lives are not ours but His.
We are more than flesh and blood.
You are not an accident.
You are a child of God.
He has a purpose only you can do.
The Word is life to me.
It is health and healing to all my flesh.
He redeemed me from the curse of the law.
You are no longer a worried soul, but a king and priest for God.

You are His workmanship, and He will continue till the day of Christ’s redemption.

• Authored by Josh Pugh •

Finish What You Start!

Have you ever given 100% of yourself to something? 

I’m talking about no shortcuts, no cheats, no bending the rules, but simply selling out for something bigger with everything you possess?


We were designed to blow over those hurdles. 

Though I have followed through with this, it is not easy. I approach a hurdle every single day. Maybe my food tastes boring. I’m hungry. I want to eat what I want to eat. I’m sick of Coach Bailey telling me what to do. At times I find myself in a crunch, without any healthy snacks on me—so then what do I choose to do? Do I choose to hit a drive-through out of convenience, or do I buy a healthy snack?

Those of you taking back your health, I want to push you today. 

What hurdle do you need to overcome?

This world is packed full of distractions, which become hurdles in our lives. Every time you approach a hurdle, you tend to slow down or stop, and perhaps you walk around it. Yet, were we designed for a hurdle to slow us down or keep us from running the race? 

We were designed to invest 100% from the start all the way to the finish!

We were designed to be overcomers. We were designed to sell out, to give it all. Have you lost your original design?

For several months, I have been taking back my health by force. I started on October 14, 2014, after deciding in August to undertake this challenge. I chose from the beginning to sell out to it—to devote my all and give my all.

Usually, I fully prep my meals once a week. Each day I pack all my meals before I leave the house, so if I end up in a crunch, I have food to eat. And I am willing to eat a cold turkey burger or frozen turkey burger because I am supposed to do so. When you’re giving 100% to something, you do it regardless of your immediate desires. You eat the frozen turkey burger; you eat the walnuts off of the ground when you drop them; you deviate sometimes from your family’s plans so you can drive home and retrieve the healthy snacks you forgot. You don’t offer excuses.

Macaroni and cheese may tempt you, or a slice of pizza—one pepperoni couldn’t hurt, right? Wrong! Caving to those cravings is not giving 100%. Every bite I take, everything I do, if I don’t do it with excellence and commitment to my goals, I always fall short of my 100%.

There is more in me, and there is more in you, but we will never find it unless we are willing to offer our all.

There’s more in you, so find it! Give more; sacrifice more. 

Below I provide a few practical ideas, but be prepared: they will squeeze your comfort zone a bit.

Don’t go out of your way to make your food taste amazing. In other words, don’t go out of your way to make food pleasurable; instead, change your view from food as entertainment and enjoyment to food as fuel. When you’re fueling your body, you fill it with the best fuel. When you’re pleasuring your body, however, you will tend to make compromises.

Don’t cheat yourself by taking nibbles of your kids’ food or eating a snack off-plan. Commit to this rule for four weeks. For four weeks, can you refrain from cheating? Maybe you should back up and try it for a day first; then try it for a week, for four weeks—and afterward for three months and six months at a time!

Don’t indulge in an extra helping of your allotted serving or approved meal. Instead, only eat precisely what your plan prescribes. Do what you’re told! Be an obedient follower because the most effective leaders are the most committed followers.

I believe you were called to lead and to influence nations. I believe theres more in you. I believe you can push yourself further. After all, do you desire the best version of you? Or do you want only a so-so, wishy-washy you?

Do you want to be the you who gives 100% and succeeds, or do you want the you who is always cheating “just a little bit”—always selling yourself short? “Hey, I am engaged in my transformation … but I cheat a little.” Is this the witness and the testimony you want to carry?

People may push back against you when you offer everything to one cause. They may seem like critics, but I assure you, they will respect you. They have probably never given 100% to anything in their lives, so don’t listen to them. Don’t listen to people’s criticisms. Bring excellence to the table and allow God to judge their criticisms.

How in the world, though, can we avoid living out of the temptations of our flesh and actually accomplish this goal? How can we accomplish 100% in living, giving, and following?


This starts by taking every thought captive. The moment cheesecake or pizza starts to creep into your mind, you must intentionally put a stop to it. You need to say, “Stop! You know what? This is not my portion. I already have healthy, nourishing food to enjoy.” Turn your mind to what is wholesome and healthy: “I can walk with my kids now, and I can carry them on my shoulders. I lift them up and help them down safely. We won’t tumble or fall because I am strong.” I choose strength over pleasure every day of the week. You must learn to take your thoughts captive.


It is truly vital for you to pray against temptation. Jesus told His disciples to pray against temptation. He told them several times, yet they continued to fall asleep while they were praying (Luke 22:45). We do this, too: we fall asleep on the job. We need to pray against this! We know Jesus was tempted, but He was never tempted to the point of sin. I know if He overcame it, we can overcome it as well because His power for life—His resurrection power—lives in and for us!

I hope you are challenged today to reclaim your health 100%. Give yourself entirely to your God-given commitments and refuse in Jesus’ name to sell yourself short!

Neck Testimony

A lot of people are curious about what my injury was. You’ve heard I injured myself breakdancing, but that is not actually the case. So I am going to share a little bit about what happened, maybe more than a little bit.
On November 7, we were celebrating my daughter’s fourteenth birthday, and I was jumping double Dutch. I jumped rope, walked on my hands, did the centipede, did handstands and headstands. In the process, in one of my handstands, my shoulder gave out. I fell and landed on my head. It was funny because I ended up with a myriad of things on my head. We all laughed and rolled. I was fine. There was actually nothing wrong with me at the time. I even did the centipede after that. We were just goofing off. We had the music up really loud. My family was over. We were simply having fun and laughing.
I went to bed that night. I slept on my stomach. When I woke up, I noticed that my head was off the pillow, turned very far to the right. When I tried to sit up—I even tried to move a little bit—the room began to spin. It immediately made me want to throw up. I was so sick. When I tried to sit up, stand, or walk, I couldn’t get any grasp on a solid foundation. It felt like I was being tossed back and forth and spun around. It was ridiculous.
I did what I needed to do, but I basically stayed in bed until 2 o’clock that day. Somehow, miraculously, I finally rose from bed, yet I wasn’t really with it. My family said my sentences did not make a lot of sense. I scrambled the words within the sentences. They said, “We don’t know what she is saying.” Something was messed up in my brain, but I managed to collect myself somewhat. I lay on ice packs and sat around the rest of the day.
Then I went to a parenting and marriage group we had been a part of. I sat on an ice pack and didn’t really talk to anyone. I certainly did not feel like engaging with people, but I was present. I left and went home, dizzy again. I was making it through—barely.
On the third day, I went to a chiropractor to get some help. I wasn’t feeling horrible, but he said my cranial arteries were swollen and were crammed up at the back of my skull. He didn’t know what else. We took an X-ray and discovered my C2 disc had spun around. He took my head and tried to pop it back into place. I went to a manual therapist to help me get enough relief to feel I could move a bit. But what I realized was the day we tried to pop my neck into place, it actually injured me worse. I felt worse afterward than I ever did before.
I wasn’t in great shape. I was probably one or two weeks out from feeling better because of my chiropractor visit. Whatever happened wasn’t good. I quit going there. The manual therapist helped me move. I prayed, “Lord, help me. I don’t know what to do. I can’t live with this dizziness. Dizziness, go, in Jesus’ name!” I realized I was operating in a whole lot of fear. I was afraid of passing out. I was afraid of dying. I thought maybe I’d pass out and die. I don’t entirely know.

Thankfully, a friend of mine said, “Hey, why don’t you try this guy? He doesn’t pop your bones, but he might be able to help you. He is a Christian.” So I went to see him, and he does without all of the X-rays. He came in and said, “Your C1 has turned one direction, and your C2 is turned 10 millimeters in the opposite direction.” You know how your mom or your grandma says, “Get your head on straight!” or “Is your head on straight?” He said my head was literally not on straight. He said, “You cannot, in one turn, put it back on straight. You have to do it over time. Your body couldn’t handle that much change at one time.”
Over the course of going to him for a few weeks, we slowly started turning my C2 back, one millimeter at a time. Sometimes, I thought it was going backward, but it wasn’t. Sometimes it would turn a little bit. He told me, “You know, Sheri, this injury didn’t happen with breakdancing. That is not what happened. Something inflamed or aggravated it, but this is not an injury from your breakdancing. This is probably a thirty-year-old injury.”
So we went through my past and talked about what I had been subjected to. I realized I had a major concussion when I fell on something upside-down and landed on a metal pole when I was a kid. I fractured my jaw and could not eat solids that whole summer. In my early twenties, I was beaten up and punched in my spine. A lot of people don’t know that about me. I’ve had a hard life. I started thinking about all these other things, too, like my teeth hadn’t been good all through my twenties. I didn’t realize there may have been a bigger issue.
We looked at each of these isolated issues. Oh, concussion, get over that. Oh, fractured jaw, get over that. We’ve got this problem in your spine; heal from that. That’s mental. There are so many mental issues when you’re hurt physically. Many of you probably know I was molested when I was a kid, and there are mental issues that come with that. I have been trying to overcome all of these issues, dealing with the physical issues one at a time, not realizing maybe there’s a bigger issue.
All my life, I’ve needed a back rub. I’m one of those people who wants the deepest tissue back rub. Use your elbow; punch it in there. My back would hurt all the time. I would need a massage, and I would sit in the bathtub. The minute I finished a deep-tissue massage, I felt like I needed another one. I continually needed these knots rubbed out of my body. Mentally, I figured, “Well, you know, the consequences of these things in my past are simply revealing themselves in my back. It’s something I’m going to have to live with.”
I’d ask for prayer periodically. I know I’ve been healed temporarily of the pain, but I wasn’t healed from having those old injuries as a part of my identity. They were deeply woven into who I was. Even though I knew who God said I was—I was a masterpiece, a new creation—for some reason, I had never divorced my old identity with those back and bone issues. I should have laid them down and let them die at the cross when I crossed over out of death into life and became a new believer. But I didn’t do that. I don’t know why. I think because they were so physically strong, they were already part of who I was. The physical pain can really make you believe something is real and is never going to go away.
As I discussed all this with the doctor, he continued to speak life over me. Recently, I asked, “Hey, is there anything spiritually that could be causing or delaying what is going on with my body? I am really sick of this.” He said, “Yes, fear.”
I told him I had been set free from fear and anxiety. I used to be such a worrywart, so afraid and anxious. The peace of Christ transformed my life and my heart—until we started having these dumb earthquakes. When the ground is shaking beneath you, it’s kind of scary, you know? I thought I was on a narrow road—a holy-roller, faith-believing, Bible-thumpin’ Jesus freak—but I was scared.

He said, “You know, Sheri, at the end of the day, fear is rooted in the fact that everybody is going to die. We are going to leave at some point. We are going to die at some point. Do you really trust and believe where you are going afterward?” I mean, talk about a punch in the throat. I thought, wow. You’re really addressing the root cause here. That kind of hurt. Ouch! You throat-punched me. Do I really believe that in death I’m going to be okay? Even if somebody leaves me, I’m going to be okay. But if somebody I love dies, am I going to be okay? You know, he really went to the root issue.

I realized that one of the greatest holds the enemy has tried to put on me since I was a little girl was that everyone would leave. Eventually, everyone would leave. My dad left when I was three. I kept going over all the loss I’ve had in the course of my life. Friends leave. Friends don’t stay the same friends. I’ll tell you right now, they don’t. It’s hard to remain a strong friend and presence in someone’s life when they are hurting and they are not normal and can’t do the normal things. I feel I’ve dealt with that issue.
I have realized that in the last year, my husband and I have been extremely busy. Our work has kept us busy, which has been great. But he is gone a lot, working late night hours. I go to the gym in the morning, and then we kiss and pass ways. He goes to the office, and I work with the kids. Then he goes to the gym, we pick up the kids, we come home, and he puts the kids to bed. That’s what we do. 

So we really are passersby unless we have our set-aside date time. I think, at some point, because of the busyness, I didn’t feel pursued by him the way I wanted to be pursued by him. I would kind of nag him and be like, “Hey! I’m your wife over here. I would like to be pursued by you. Don’t forget about me.”

Deep down, I had started to feel that if he didn’t pursue me, maybe he, too, would leave me. This didn’t hit me until my doctor said it. I said, “Wow. Am I afraid my husband will leave me, too?” I’m honestly not afraid he will. I know this man. He’s stable and fixed. But I think there is a part of your flesh that, if it is not fully dead to its own desires and surrendered to Christ, puts hope in man. When this hope is deferred, it makes the heart sick. I think this happened to me, and then old familiar fear set in.
At the time, my back and neck wouldn’t hold my healing because my sternum wasn’t flexible; it was stuck. As my doctor spoke, I realized that when I was younger, my sternum locked up, and the timing of that injury was associated with someone rejecting me—once again!

BOOM! There it was! Fear of rejection reared its ugly head! The lie had been exposed! It was as if fear of being rejected was holding me down.
It’s as if God said, “Hey, I’ve got a new level of freedom for you today because today you are going to be delivered from a part of your identity you’ve carried for a long time. Today, it is under your feet. It has been under Jesus’, but today it is under yours.”
I feel like somebody needs to hear this today. Maybe you have a fear of losing something or a fear of being left. Maybe you have a fear of dying or a fear of losing a loved one. This fear is real. Even though it’s spiritual, it can actually inhabit the cells of your body and change your DNA. It can change your body and release physical poisons into your body to make you sick. It can manifest itself in your physical body in such a way as to tear you down and destroy your life.
I want to encourage you today. Know that I am praying for you. I want you to pray for yourself that God would reveal to you anything you are holding on to or are fearful of and He would give you comfort and assurance so you know you are safe in Him and it’s okay to let it go because your past has been erased and the new has come.
The greatest thing about this injury for me is knowing something has been a part of my body for a really long time. We talked about this, and my doctor said, “When we take a picture of your spine now, anyone who looks at it will never be able to see the markings of your old injuries. They are completely erased, and you are made new. You will be stronger and better than you ever were before.” I praise God that it has been brought into the light and daily my spine is being restored, from my brain stem all the way to my tailbone. This impacts every cell in my body, over three hundred million nerves. I am grateful.
I haven’t been sick. I simply haven’t felt like sitting in a coffee shop and engaging in idle conversations because I am in a battle for my life, trying to keep my hope up and remain encouraged. I have been constantly in the Word of God, which builds me up and reminds me who I am, what I have, and who God is so I can stay stable and fixed under Him.
I haven’t been able to do some of the things I used to do, like push-ups or bending over to pick up socks dropped on the floor or bending over to do burpees. I can’t do them, and I still feel well, so I don’t. I do what I can do, and I know I am eventually going to get there and be able to do such things again. 

I am no longer afraid because in this world we will have trouble, but we can take heart in the overcoming power of Jesus Christ. Everything He provided on the cross, He said yes and amen to. To every promise of God, the answer is, “Yes and amen.” It’s never “no.” It’s never “wait.” It’s never delayed. It’s always yes and amen.
I want to encourage you to rebuke any fear you have. We all have it. We are human. It creeps in. Uproot all of it quickly. You are an overcomer. Look to God’s promises. If you don’t know what those are, ask me. I’ll help you. Jesus wants you to know. He died so you could have them, and there is no reason for you to miss out on them. Eventually, you are going to be able to find them on your own. 

Listen to His voice. He is a good shepherd. You know what? If you are His sheep, you can hear Him. If you are not His sheep, just say, “Hey, I want to be Your sheep.” It’s that simple to make Him your Lord. Just say, “I want You to be my Lord. I want You to be my guide, my friend, my family, my support system, and the one who guides me and helps me in everything.”
He has been my shelter of the Most High who has made me stable and fixed under the shadow of the Almighty. I am thankful. I hope this encourages you. I hope you can see where I have been and what I have been doing.

Afraid of Failure

Why are we so afraid of failure?

We learn from failure. 
We gain in strength after we fail. 
The formal definition of failure is: lack of success; an unsuccessful person, enterprise, or thing; or the omission of expected or required action.
The origin of failure came from ‘nonoccurrence,’ which I equate to QUITTING. 
Dont quit. 
Never quit. 
One failure doesnt make YOU a failure.
It doesn’t define you—unless you allow it to do so.
Don’t let LABELS stick to you!

They cannot stick unless you agree with them. Don’t agree with them.
REJECT the labels!
You are larger than your failure!
In fact, you must fail to grow.

You must fail in order to find your limits so you can SOAR past them!
You are successful because you DO NOT QUIT.
You are a fighter!
You are strong!
You are stronger than your appetite!
You are stronger than the temptations!
You might miss a few marks before you figure out that you’ve GOT this.
Its ALREADY in you!
You are just getting the opportunity to pull it out of you!
So what if you fail again?
Just dust yourself off and keep moving forward.
Dont spend any time in the past because it will hold you back.  
If youre NOT FAILING, you’re NOT TRYING. 
Take a look at this chart I found on how much the usage of ‘failure’ has increased over the years.

… for though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again…
(Proverbs 24:16 NIV)

Rise again! 

5 Lies That Prevent Forward Movement

Five deadly lies that will prevent you from

moving forward,
making progress, and
achieving your calling!
  1. Unworthiness — I have nothing to offer.
  2. Insecurity — What will they think about me?
  3. Unforgiveness — Unforgiveness is a prison.
  4. Guilt — Carrying guilt is a heavy load.
  5. Fear — Fear keeps you in your comfort zone.


“No one would listen to me.”
“I have nothing to offer.”

Sure the enemy wants to keep you here! Do you know what you are doing when you live according to your feelings of unworthiness? You are allowing the enemy to make you useless! The only thing that is true about you is what God says, and He says you are worthy! Is that enough for you to say yes? (See John 15:13.)


“What will they think about me?” 

People come and go. They love you when you perform well and want to give up on you when your performance is poor. It’s all about you, isn’t it? Your reputation is the only thing that matters. Guess what? There is a greater security than other people’s opinions of you. It is the security of being in the hands of God! (See John 10:29.)


Unforgiveness is a prison. As long as you are holding a grudge against yourself or someone else, you will never feel worthy enough to ask God for more than you can ask, think, imagine, dream of, or fantasize! (See Ephesians 3:20.)


Carrying guilt is a heavy load. It is like trying to run in a marathon with a 40-pound weight on your back. Have you ever seen The Biggest Loser? After the contestants have lost 50 to100 pounds, they are required to carry the weight they have lost on their backs. Jesus already carried this for you! Carrying your own guilt is like choosing to carry the lost weight on The Biggest Loser instead of putting it on the luggage truck. Foolish! It holds you back. (See Psalm 38:4 and Matthew 11:30.)


Fear keeps you in your comfort zone. Really, we should fear our comfort zone because it makes us complacent. God can’t accomplish His greater plans through your life if you are stuck in place because these plans are WAY bigger than your comfort zone! (See Exodus 14:13.)

God has a purpose and a plan for you! Today, what will you do to expose lies and stand in the truth?

*There are many lies. Here you find five of them.

Afraid of Failure

Why are we so afraid of failure?

We learn from failure. 
We gain in strength after we fail. 
The formal definition of failure is: lack of success; an unsuccessful person, enterprise, or thing; the omission of expected or required action.
The origin of failure came from ‘nonoccurrence,’ which I equate to QUITTING. 
Dont quit. 
Never quit. 
One failure doesnt make YOU a failure.
It doesn’t define you—unless you allow it to do so.
Don’t let LABELS stick to you!

They cannot stick unless you agree with them. Don’t agree with them.
REJECT the labels!
You are larger than your failure!
In fact, you must fail to grow.

You must fail in order to find your limits so you can SOAR past them!
You are successful because you DO NOT QUIT.
You are a fighter!
You are strong!
You are stronger than your appetite!
You are stronger than the temptations!
You might miss a few marks before you figure out that you’ve GOT this.
Its ALREADY in you!
You are just getting the opportunity to pull it out of you!
So what if you fail again?
Just dust yourself off and keep moving forward.
Dont spend any time in the past because it will hold you back.  
If youre NOT FAILING, you’re NOT TRYING. 
Take a look at this chart I found on how much the usage of ‘failure’ has increased over the years.

… for though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again … (Proverbs 24:16 NIV)

Rise again! 

One Thing Keeping You Down

I’ve got LeCrae in my CD player. He is a rap artist. He knows who he is. Everyone wants to be like him. But he is an original—an original creation. He’s not tame. He’s got his name. He knows it from the beginning of time. His fingerprints are like a birthmark that no one can imitate. He’s the real thing.
It made me think about how fun it is to sit here and try to rap. I mean, I’m forty something years old and I’m sitting here trying to make up a rap song like LeCrae. I just had this thought pop in my head—maybe I was supposed to be a famous rap artist too. I’ve been rapping since the 80s – for fun. And…I’m really horrible at it—but horrible in comparison to whose standards?
Some of us have had such a lack of confidence for so many years that we never really reach our true potential; because the fear of man or the fear of failure. 

The one word that can hold you back from all that God has designed for you—fear. Fear of what? Fear of losing? It’s interesting. When you have nothing, you’re afraid of losing nothing, instead of willing to risk it all because you realize you have nothing.

I just wonder how has my lack of confidence over the years has held me down rather than catapulted me to where was originally designed to be. I wonder that—for you, is there something else you’re supposed to be doing but—maybe the fear of paying your bills or being able to provide for your family has kept you from moving forward. It’s got you on lock down. I just wonder.
I believe today, God wants to release us from that FEAR. He’s calling you and I to step out – Bigger than we ever have. How do you need to trust God and throw down every chain that’s been keeping you down?!
Father, I just ask you to release me from anything that is holding me back from fully engaging with the confidence that I can come before your throne with anything; that you’re for me—and when you’re for me, no one can be against me. Set us free, God. Set me free Lord. in Jesus name.