America—The Dead Don’t Know They Are Dead

I live in America, and in our nation, thedead don’t know they’re dead, the sick don’t know they’re sick, the lost don’t know they’re lost, the broke don’t know they’re broke, and the poor don’t know they’re poor. We can fake it until we make it—with death, with sin—because everyone else is doing it. Everyone is encouraging us to live our own way. There is no truth. There is just gray. There is no black. There is no white. There is just, “Be content with where you are.”
But Jesus is preparing a mansion that has many rooms. He wants His house to be full. He wants the sick to know they can be healed and the lost to know the love of being found. He wants the broke to be rich, the poor to be provided for, and the dead to come alive. He died for that. Jesus died to be the living sacrifice—the one and only sacrifice so we could reign as kings in this life. But in this nation, we don’t even know our need.