Who He Is

While I was at my lowest point, I decided I would believe God and who He says He is regardless of my circumstances. He is Healer. It’s who He is, not what He does. He sent Jesus to die, not so you could have a home in heaven but so you could intimately know God and He could live in you. You are His hands on this earth. That’s why Jesus said, “And these signs will accompany those who believeā€¦” (Mark 16:17 NIV). God works through His people.
Daily we have to decide, in light of our circumstances, do we truly believe God? Far too many times, we redefine Him in our own minds based on the prayers He supposedly didn’t answer or the bad things that happen to us. We think God is trying to teach us a lesson. Your life doesn’t define God, but it can glorify Him.
I daily break agreement with my own understanding. I don’t want to know; I desire to trust Him in all my ways. Sure, I fail. Our natural minds strongly search for the meaning of life and the whys behind what happens. We wonder, “Why did God do this?”
I wonder how many of us will be utterly floored by how much more gracious and wonderful He is when we see Him face to face. No mind can or should try to explain. We do know that He works out all things for the good of those who love Him (Romans 8:28). This doesn’t mean everything that happens to you is good or everything that hits your family is from God.
We have a real enemy who wants to steal, kill, and destroy. It’s time to stop agreeing with the thief. Resist this. Submit to God, who came not to condemn you or shame you but to make you new and fill you with overcoming, life-changing power!
God is a good, good Father!