It’s Hard Work. You Will Fail.

It’s easy to eat anything I want. It’s easy to cave in to the desires of my flesh and the cravings of my appetite. It’s hard to say no as I drive past Panera. It’s hard to say no to a cinnamon-crunch scone or cinnamon-crunch bagel. It’s hard to say no to a soufflé and have egg whites for breakfast. It’s hard to say no to the chocolate in the pantry and have turkey instead. It’s truly hard.
It’s hard work to maintain your health. It was hard work to transform and obtain health, but it’s also hard work to keep it. It’s a lifelong journey. It’s a process. It’s forever. It’s forever learning not to give in to every weakness and every desire of the tongue. It’s taking your thoughts captive and making them obedient to Christ every day. It is saying, “I don’t want to be controlled by impulse. I want to be controlled by the Holy Spirit.”    
I can’t remember the last time the Holy Spirit told me to eat a donut. I do know the few times the Holy Spirit has led me not to eat on my plan was because I was being blessed by someone’s gift of food or because I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt it would be rude and religious to turn down what I was being offered. Everything we do outside of faith is not pleasing to God. I want to include Him on the journey. 
When I am gluttonous, crazy, and consuming everything in sight—which is what happens once I hit the sugar trigger—I go back into my old patterns. I fall back into that old gluttony. I know when this happens it’s a train wreck. I’m running, gunning, and making excuses, eating the next pleasurable thing and the next thing and the next. It’s insanity. Inside, it’s not what I want to do.
I want to encourage you today to know everyone struggles. You are going to fail sometimes. It’s okay. Dust yourself off, get back up, and keep pressing forward.    

My Secret Weapon: I Plan for Me

I am so busy. I homeschool three girls. They have so many activities. I am so busy. We run a ministry. I write. My husband runs his own business. We are so busy.

Everyone says to me all the time, “You’re so busy. I don’t know if you have time to do this.”

What other people don’t know about me is I have a secret. I have a secret weapon that makes me appear busy to everyone, though I’m not as busy as you may think. Why? Because I schedule my time well.

One, I schedule my quiet time. Two, I schedule time to take care of myself. I plan my meals. I decide what I am going to eat ahead of time so I am not hungry and dizzy, trying to shuffle food around and find something to eat. I schedule time to work out and take care of myself. In fact, I schedule time at the gym to encounter people. I also schedule time for naps. I schedule time for myself. I schedule time for my husband and me to have dates. I schedule date time with each of my girls. I schedule dates with a couple others. I schedule time to write. Therefore, when you look at my schedule, it is slammed. It is packed out wall to wall. I drive my kids from here to kingdom come. I’m in the car a lot. I use my time wisely.

My secret weapon is that I schedule my calendar for my family first. Do you? How are you scheduling your day? Do you give your time away so your family only gets leftovers, or are you giving your family time and then giving everyone else what is left? Let’s share below how we schedule it out and what our secrets are.