I could sit here and tell you about all the things I have done, but the truth is that I am a sinner that was saved by AMAZING grace! I was pulled from the deepest rut that I would never wish upon anyone! 

I spent most of my life chasing empty substitutes for God. I tried to get worth and value from things and people, but they always left me feeling empty. My God rescued me from brokenness and from my helped me forgive myself for all the damage I heaped on people in my path. 

As an abused child, I am hugely passionate about the body of Christ being set free from blinding lies that prevent them from walking in the truth of who they are in CHRIST.

God is good! He is always drawing, calling and wooing us into relationship with Him!

Let’s grow strong together so He can use us in this dark, broken world! 

Equipped to Stand

Equipped to Stand means you are equipped already. Join me in my new podcast to dig in the word and go on this journey to strengthen your faith to be able to stand firm in what God has equipped to you do.

You can listen to the first episode here, and check out the rest of the series in your favorite podcasting app in the footer!

You lack nothing in Christ. You are equipped already. I hope you are encouraged!
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