Stolen, Fake and True ID

Your Identity – Was it stolen? Do you have a fake ID?

Oh, my past. My past. It’s U-G-L-Y. I could write a while about fake ID’s.

Fake ID’s they let you gain access to some place that maybe you are not legally authorized to me…if you know what I mean.

You have to remember that your name is Annie Mae, not Sheri. You have to remember a false birthday and TRY to act older than your immature self. You really play a role more than are your true self.

I spent my life playing a part. 

I played the role of a person who was full of joy – all while I contemplated suicide. 

I played the role of a girl who was gentle and innocent – all while I actually considered murdering someone who hurt. 

I played the role of quiet and peaceful – all while a WAR was raging inside of me. 


I played ALL of these roles because I had a FAKE ID! My Fake ID said my name was
Reject, Failure, Abused, Ashamed, Unworthy, Unloveable, Stupid,

And the worst part was, I agreed with all these names on my ID.

What started off as a part I played, became permanent layers of bondage that held in poison that I never had an outlet to release and let heal.

Truly, it wasn’t until I accepted Christ as my Father, friend, Savior, and my life and I began to understand how my REAL ID was found IN HIM, not apart from Him, that the masks came down and I began to heal on the inside!

Knowing God is truly FIRST – If you (relationally) KNOW Him (not just know about Him), then you will believe His words which leads to….

Knowing and believing your New Identity that is found only in Him. 

Your True ID

My friend, Markey, wrote this awesome 4-part study on knowing your Identity in Christ. She gave me permission to share it with you FREE. If you want to know your REAL ID, check it out and go through it. We can’t wait to hear what God has revealed to you!!!


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