Transformation Confidence

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Some days, I look in the mirror and see every flaw on my body and face. Other days, I look in the mirror and I see peace and beauty, and I like my body. How about you? What do you see when you look in the mirror?

I have hurt myself over the last few months, complaining about one or two pounds on the scale and about what I ate because I knew it was wrong. The truth is that I have been speaking death over myself. I have been speaking under religion. How about you? Do you hear yourself doing this?

I can tell you that to men, the most beautiful attribute is not your body. It’s your confidence. Every single time you speak negatively about yourself, degrade yourself in front of them, or ask them because you are insecure about your physical appearance, you lose credibility with them. It doesn’t matter what size you are; when you wear it with confidence and boldness, people recognize you. They see you. You become a person of influence. But the more you self-deprecate, the less influence you have.

Who are you? Are you an influencer because you are secure and confident? Or are you difficult to follow because your foundation is shaky?

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