Obey Your Man

Just a few years ago, when a women got married, she had to say she would “love and obey” her husband!
Well, women some got rebellious and lost respect for men altogether! I was certainly raised in a home where the man was lazy so he didn’t deserve respect! I was well-trained in “men are lazy butts!”
Who would have thought that my definition of men would roll into my marriage, but IT DID! It was a strong, controlling attitude!
I would use my beauty or whatever I could to get my way because I knew men were easily manipulated. Yes, I said it! Not all men, but certainly most!
After I was saved, I learned a new word, “submit.” “What”, I thought? That is just a word. God didn’t really know what the modern day men were going to be like…certainly this wasn’t a requirement anymore (we babies don’t really believe that God knows all, do we?).
A mentor of mine said, “the way you submit to your husband is a picture of how you submit to the Lord.” OOOOUUUUCCCCCCHHH! That stuck me right in the heart! I knew I didn’t submit to my husband…I was a little bit smarter than he was and I was always right – right?
I quickly learned that when I was not submitting to my husband’s final decision, fear might be controlling the direction I was trying to lead us from the back seat… You know how people in the back seat try to tell the driver how to drive. Well, they don’t have the same perspective as a front seat driver!
I looked up the synonyms for obey and submit – here they are:
Obey- adjust, conform, adapt
Submit, bow, defer, accede, give in, yield, succumb
How do you submit to your husband or the authority that you are under?

Does it reflect how you submit to the Lord?

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