Critical People

After being greeted this morning with a smile and a backhanded-compliment, slap-in-the-face criticism, I began to wonder why people have to be so critical.

Have you ever wondered that? 

Such people have a smile on their face no matter what they’re talking to you about, but their words are sarcastic and critical—even in the midst of compliments.

I hurt for these people. What could be bothering them so much that words of affirmation and encouragement can’t flow through them easily?

I began to research the source of criticism, and unfortunately I found a mirror with an image I did not like. We can all be critical. I’m praying this morning for all of us who have any root of the spirit of criticism within us—that this root will be yanked out of us in JESUS’ name. 

If I’m praying for you, comment below. 🙂
Why Are Some People So Critical and Sarcastic?
(Source:—I am not promoting them, but this is where I obtained this resource.)
Criticism And Anger:
Have you ever noticed the negative thoughts that pass in your mind while you are angry? If you did then most probably you already noticed that you were so critical to everyone at that time. When we become angry we tend to become overly critical and sarcastic. Some people are haunted by anger as a result of the past experiences they have been through. People with unmet goals, some people who were emotionally abused and people who are angry at life because of the bad things that happened to them may end up living with anger. They live a miserable life and curse everyone they find in their way as if others carry part of the blame for what happened to them. 
Being overly critical and Your Inner Child: 
Some people are overly critical because this is just how they were treated as children. If a child was always criticized then he might develop a negative unconscious pattern of thinking that lets him criticize everyone around him. The negative messages that this child constantly received turned into a way of thinking that lead him to become an overly critical and sarcastic adult. (see Parenting mistakes that affects the child’s personality
Criticism and Lack of self confidence: 
The difference between a confident person and a person who feels inferior is their way of thinking. while the first tends to praise himself the second keeps putting himself down. The mind of the person who lacks self confidence is usually full of negative messages and that’s why the excess negative ones reach the other people around him in the form of criticism. The conclusion is, The overly critical person usually lacks self confidence. 

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