Office: Victims and Victors

My husband and I own our own company. It was a dream of his for a long time. It took us years to establish the experience and the credibility to obtain some of the clients we have today.

As our business grows and expands, we are constantly interviewing people. We understand that if people have character, everything is teachable. We have a list of values and character traits important to us. We look to see if the interviewee is a victim or a victor. We could ask them, “Are you a victim or a victor?” and they could give us an answer, but if we can hold them long enough in the interview process, we will know the truth.
With the right kinds of questions, you can tell what someone’s perspective is—whether their failures are because of someone else or their victories are because of someone else. You can tell if they live through the looking glass of “Someone is always out to get me!” or “Someone is out to hurt me!” You can tell if they are an overcomer. You can tell if obstacles have come their way and they have pushed through and finished strong.
We have learned the hard way that we desire to work with victors. A victim mentality will be a weight on everyone’s shoulders. People with a victim mentality complain, murmur, and grumble under their breath. Whatever happens to them is not their fault. It’s your fault. 

Victors will press through. They pick up the blocks when they have fallen over, and they will put them back together. They will have a smile on their face. They will work hard and work late to get it done. They show up. They finish the race. They have initiative. They change the atmosphere for good.
Next time you are in an interview, decide who you are going to be—a victim or a victor. If you are the interviewer, look for the qualities of the victor. It will improve the atmosphere. Everyone—I mean everyone—will prevail with victors in your office. 

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