Lord, let me see You as more than a religion.
Let me see You as more than God.
Let me know that while I was a sinner, You died for me.
Your love is a relentless love, a peace beyond understanding.
It is shining in us.

Christ redeems us from the curse of the law. Therefore, any sickness and disease, I rebuke you in the name of Jesus.
Any mountain, I rebuke you.
You are to be out of my life because my God said, “If you have faith of a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move and be cast in the sea.’”

We are a people beyond religion. We are kings and priests unto God.
We are more than overcomers. We trample over the power of the enemy.
We crush Satan beneath our feet. We trample serpents and scorpions and death.
Nothing, by any means, hurts me.
I am the righteousness of God through Christ.
Nothing will separate me from the love of Christ.
I will not fear the war but praise God in this storm.
I will follow God to the land He promised.
He will take me to a land abounding with milk and honey.

I have been given favor.
I am a friend of God.
I’m blessed coming in and blessed coming out.
I am above only, not beneath.
I am the head and not the tail.

Like Moses, my eyesight will not grow weak nor my vigor diminish.
All this because the Spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives and dwells in me.

Like Abraham, I will have my strength all of my days.
I will spend my days in prosperity and my years in pleasure.

BOOM in the name of Jesus!

Authored by Josh Pugh

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